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Rolexmann, 52

I want to wine and dine a fine young lady who knows how to treat a man. The right lady can also play with my cars and other expensive toys.

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I may be young, but my bank account is 7 zeroes older than me. I came from a stuffy rich family. I want a wild girl to have fun with me.

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Tigerhnter, 27

Girls who want to have a wild time traveling around the world are what i am in of. I travel a lot and i am looking for arm candy to take with me.

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Xmarxdaspot, 45

When a woman is with me it is like christmas every day! I love to see the look in a pretty girl's eyes when i give her amazing gifts of diamonds and such!

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I’m looking for a beautiful companion. When i find one, i will give her all of things her heart desires that money can buy. Let’s talk and see if you are the one for me.

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