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Kimmikan1, 24

I have a lot of money and i am looking for a man to share with. The guy i am looking for has to a lot of fun and willing to do what it takes to satisfy my needs.

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Handigrrl, 31

Men who are looking for a woman who has a lot to offer them need to contact me. I am a woman who has many skills in the bedroom and a big bank account.

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Agnmoniz, 29

My family left me lots of money and i quickly learned it can buy you a lot of things. One of the best things i like to buy is the time and attention of men.

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I was never into girls my age. I have always been into older women. When i started college this year i just found more immature girls. This left me lonely and bummed out. I was further frustrated by having to struggle financially for the first time in my life. All this changed because of Here i met nice older ladies who take care of me with financially.

- Jcyjmes1

I am an ambitious young man and i working hard to make something of myself. While i have been working on building my future has allowed me to meet women who are already established and willing to generously help support me. I return i have given them the satisfaction they want on the amazing dates i go on with them. Male, 23

- Nillynizzy

Making ends meet used to be tough. I seemed to never have enough money for myself. This also meant i never had enough money to take girls out on dates. has eliminated these issues in my life. This site has allowed me the opportunity to meet several wealthy benefactors who have been able to take me out on incredible dates.

- Daniboii

Going out for a night on the town can be expensive. It is made worse by all of the girls you meet who want to get into your pockets. All of this became a game which was too rich for my blood. I got on and suddenly i started meeting women who wanted to give me money for going out on the town with them!

- Ginntonik

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Millymuther, 27

Making men happy is something i love to do. I can do this with the many assets i have. All i need in return is for them to make me happy in other ways.

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Bons4u, 28

Being a woman of means is wonderful. I can do many things other women can’t. I can help make the lives of my men companions happy. Are you the man i can help?

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Frilisoczz, 30

There are lots of expensive things i love to do. I am looking for a man to enjoy these nicer things with me. I can make it worth your time.

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