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Pwrboii, 30

I love to give foot rubs and cater to a woman’s every whim. Women who want to be treated like a queen need to talk to me and get the treatment they deserve!

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Justncase, 22

I am young and full of energy. I am more than willing to be run through the rigors with a nice lady. If you need an energetic young man in your life, i’m the one.

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Nierttomm, 24

I am happy to be eye candy on the arm of a lovely lady. I am a great companion and i can make someone very happy. Talk to me find out.

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I came in a large inheritance years ago. I have had a lot of guys want me for my money. I really just wanted to be with men who could appreciate me and my money. has been the best place for me to go to meet these kinds of men. I have found men who are sexy and treat me right and appreciate the finer things too.

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- Sernnann

Going out to dinner at five start restaurants and the ballet are my idea of a great night out. The problem is that many of men i meet are not into a night like this. has been the place to for me to find men who are willing to go out for a night like this. I in return make sure these men are taken care of.

- Lvlythangs

I know that money can’t buy you happiness. I have found that it can rent a lot of it though! The best place for me to find this kind of happiness is at Here there are several guys who are looking to please me in all the ways i want. All i have to do is share some the assets i have with them.

- Halonwings

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Opn4bizz, 25

Any woman i have ever been with has called me the best lover they have ever had. Why not try me out and see if what they say is true for you!

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Jumpupp1, 28

One thing i can do well is make a woman feel like the most important person. Let’s get together and see what you can do for me after i make you feel special.

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Nuwayz00, 26

I am the best date you will ever have. Contact me and you can find out all the reasons this is so. You will not be sorry that you did!

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